Zhejiang Yiyang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 autumn, the registered capital of 16.8 million yuan. Is a collection research and development, production and sales in one of the high starting point with high standards of high-quality high-tech enterprises.

The company's products are endless, high quality, especially the honor of the intelligent bed care machine, intelligent anti-bedsore inflatable mattress, deep venous thrombosis treatment instrument, but also has a number of national invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents.

Yiyang medical technology based on the industry and the basis of Zhejiang's foundation; rooted in Jinhua culture and economic fertile soil; to heritage and virtue as the foundation stone; technology and innovation for the development of the source; quality and service for the victory of the ; Strive for the world to filial piety for the first person to provide more professional more advanced and more secure and more convenient to convey filial piety products.

The company is committed to becoming the leader in the nursing care industry, and in the increasingly fierce competition in the market out of a standardized development of the road, as the leader in domestic and foreign counterparts. Attention to the importance of personnel cooperation, Zhejiang Yiyang willing to join hands with the community people with lofty ideals, create a better future, with the most practical pace to the common achievements of a brilliant sun.

Our company's cultural philosophy: integrity and pragmatic innovation and cooperation.

Honesty is a must for the good character. Speak honest people, everywhere popular; do not speak honest people, people will ignore his existence; so our employees should be honest. Honesty is the way of human being.

Pragmatic, is our consistent tradition and style, is our cause of continuous progress, to obtain a new victory of the fundamental guarantee.

The importance of innovation is reflected in two aspects: high quality and efficiency need to blaze new trails, career development rely on pioneering and innovative. No innovative business is no hope of the enterprise.

Collaboration refers to the coordination and cooperation between the department and the department, between the individual and the individual in the process of achieving the goal. Collaboration should be multidimensional, broad, and as long as it is a part of a department or a job to achieve the goal must be outside the support and cooperation, should be the content of collaboration. Good cooperation is a necessary condition for a unit to accomplish the overall goal.

Our company's service purposes:Your rest assured that we go all out!

Our company's mission: to provide patients with the most advanced medical services

Since the creation of the company, has maintained a pursuit of the perfect purpose, not the pursuit of new products, new technology, provided to our customers, so that they can give our patients have the most advanced medical services.

Quality of the brand ";" care for health, a sun companion. "We pursue excellent brand products and satisfied with the quality of service to return to the community, making the market love business, consumers love business, employees love business; A total of fate, we have first-class staff, they are credible, cute, they create first-class reliable products.

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