Joining process
1、About joining page instructions or call the joining hotline;
2、Telephone communication or interview, to reach cooperation;
3、Commercial location / approval;
4、Sign the franchise contract, pay the initial fee and the margin;
5、Site decoration / fixed asset order / related equipment configuration;
6、Basic elements of training;
7、Trial operation, operation training;
8、Officially opened。

Join conditions
1、Identify company products, marketing model;
2、Have the ability to bear civil liability;
3、Accept the company's supervision; conservative business secrets;
4、With the size of the market to adapt to the operational strength;
5、Have the ability to create or manage sales channels;
6、The contract Shou credibility。

Join advantage
1、Industry prospects: big policy, big market, big consumption
2、Product efficacy: functional full, high security, comfort and strong
3、Cooperation policy excellent: low margin, exclusive business
4、Low operational risk: low risk of funds and low personal risk
5、Profit model width: normal sales, product maintenance
6、Profit potential: lower purchase start capital, long-term profit return

Affiliate Support
1、Website Services: We have a newer network frontier
2、Customer consultation: customers can consult through the company
3、Advertising: We have long been advertising advertising
4、Acting guidance:For the agent solution difficult to answer
5、Management:We have all over the country monopoly!