Easy to use; a set of devices can be repeated negative pressure, so that the wound in a fully enclosed environment, continuous drainage, and promote wound healing, but also the same form of closed drainage of protective materials used in combination.

Replace the fixed negative pressure source; negative pressure 0 ~ 60Kpa can be customized to meet all the clinical needs of negative pressure.

Negative pressure device and waste liquid storage bag separation design, storage bags can be directly replaced, really zero contact with the waste, effectively reduce the risk of garden, cost savings.

Multi-backflow design, to avoid retrograde infection; waste bag material is solid, not easy to damage, to prevent pollution.

Introduction to the device


Product manual

Connecting the drainage tube, by squeezing the telescopic bellows, external drainage tube through the check valve into the cavity, the piston after the resetting of the liquid through the one-way valve to the drainage bag body, to achieve sustainable drainage.

More drainage tube specifications, in the appropriate location cut pagoda joints.

Connect the drainage tube to the pod.

Place the drainage bag in the location of the hell drainage site.

Specifications Model


Comparison with traditional negative pressure drainage supplies


Clinical application

Suitable for surgical trauma, spine and joint surgery; breast and thyroid surgery; head and neck surgery; Department of general surgery surgery; anorectal surgery; Department of Urology Surgery; gynecological surgery; endoscopic surgery; thoracic surgery (closed pleural membrane after surgery; (Department of neurosurgery) close the dura mater after drainage) surgery postoperative wound infection; treatment;


This product is only for one-time use, not re-sterilization or re-use.

Please pay attention to the product 'valid' on the packaging, within the period of use.

Carefully check the packaging before use, if damaged, leak may not be used.