Bedside intelligent care machine

Automatic induction, bed rest only care device start:

When the user discharges the urine, the sensor on the bedroom is automatically sensed, and the bedridden intelligent care machine enters the working procedure from the standby state. At this time the cup-shaped lying on the big, urinal and the user's skin in close contact, the fan began to start, ready to collect excrement.

Automatic collection, rinsing, drying:

After the toilet is in close contact with the user's skin, the bedridden intelligent care device will immediately remove the urine collected in the sewage tank; after the end of the toilet, the clean water automatically ejected, the user's privacy and lying Internal rinse; immediately after the end of the warm air drying.

Restore standby, nursing work ends:

Warm air drying end, complete the nursing work, the instrument into the standby state. Into the standby state, the bedroom paddle, urinal and user skin separation, cup-type ventilator to maintain the various parts of the ventilation and breathable state. 

Personalize settings

Adjustable suction negative pressure, adjustable flushing water temperature, adjustable flushing time, adjustable drying time.

Safety protection measures

1、National digital electronic product quality supervision and inspection center testing

2、Induction circuit, control circuit, water heating and other voltage is lower than 24V

3、Double protection of water heating

4、Nursing device start precondition: there is water, sewage bucket is not full, lying device connected to the correct, urine signal



1、Seven-inch high-end industrial LCD control screen

2、Constant temperature water heater

3、Water filter

4、Water bucket water shortage detector

5、Water bucket sewage full detector

6、Pipe clogging detector

7、Overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature protection

8、Whether the sewage tank leaves the body detector

9、Using imported motors, a variety of silencer devices and sound insulation measures

10、Disinfection filter

11、Have remote control function

12、Large capacity clear water tank, sewage tank



1、Cup-shaped sleeper seal ring made of five toxic tasteless non-skin sensitized porous rubber, high strength, high rebound, ultra-soft, can fully fit the body, to prevent leakage of dirt.

2、Highly sensitive defecation probe induction, induction time less than 160us, defecation bedridden intelligent care device can do a good job in preparation for an instant.

3、Cup-shaped sleeper set four ventilated, private office drying a comprehensive, fast.