Product composition

A set of anti-vaginal vaginal washing device: volume 150ml

Xiankang lotion: 5ml / bag (single dose of flexible bags) The main ingredients: acid vinegar has been set

Applicable scope


1.For vaginitis and cervical inflammation and other gynecological diseases, rinse treatment and adjuvant therapy

2.Gynecological clinical treatment items: vaginal irrigation when the drug on the rinse

3.After exposure to public water venues (such as swimming pools, baths, water parks), vaginal washing, prevention of infection

4.Vulva clean

5.And all kinds of gynecological suppositories, gels, vaginal tablets, film, effervescent tablets and other gynecological drugs used in conjunction to achieve better medication and medication after the rapid recovery of body comfort and body care

Clinical application


Mycotic vaginitis:

Mild: the use of anti-vaginal vaginal flusher to remove the vulva (especially the fornix) tofu slag discharge;

Severe (spores): the use of anti-reflux vaginal flushing rinse, sooner or later each time, plus drugs;

Cervical erosion:

Mild: rinse the vagina, once a day, with suppository use;

Severe: laser, microwave treatment, wash the vagina, once a day;


Genital itching: before treatment can be anti-counter-vaginal flushing rinse to relieve itching symptoms, and conducive to the absorption of drugs, once a day;


Gynecological clinical treatment items: vaginal lavage medicine 311201006

Trichomonas vaginitis: first with anti-vaginal vaginal flushing rinse the vagina, once a day, and then into the drug, insecticidal itching;

Bacterial vaginitis: first with anti-vaginal vaginal washing machine to wash the vagina, once a day, in the treatment of anaerobic drugs;

Atrophic vaginitis: first with anti-countercurrent guide rinse the vagina, once a day, and then coated with vaginal wall;

Vulvovaginal candidiasis: Flush the vagina and vulva with a counter-current-guided flush, especially the posterior fornix, once a day, and then put a pack of suppository.

Senile vaginitis: senile vaginitis mainly manifested as increased vaginal discharge or pus and blood leucorrhea. Severe cases can lead to vaginal wall adhesions, the formation of the vagina and even cervical empyema, the use of anti-countercurrent guide flusher to clear the bacteria, improve the quality of life of the elderly in their later years;

Anti-vaginal vaginal rinse and gynecological suppositories, gels, vaginal tablets, film, effervescent tablets and other gynecological drugs with the use in order to achieve better efficacy and medication after the rapid recovery of body comfort and clean body.

Before and after gynecological surgery

Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, flow or drug flow and other diseases before gynecological surgery: three days before surgery with a guide flusher effectively remove the vaginal pathogens;

Maternal (cesarean section): prenatal preparation: with a washing jelly disinfection yarn ball to block the vaginal opening, with anti-vaginal vaginal rinse washing disinfection, and then dry disinfection dry yarn ball;

Postpartum, abortion, after drug flow: vaginal bleeding after the use of a course of treatment to prevent infection, thereby promoting wound healing;

Biopsy, polyp removal, Leep, etc. before and after vaginal surgery: before surgery directly with anti-reflux guide rinse;

Intrauterine radiotherapy after routine cleaning;

Contact with public water bodies (eg swimming pools, baths, water parks), vaginal washing, prevention of infection;

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Chlamydia, mycoplasma infection: with the use of sensitive antibiotics; Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection: with sensitive antibiotics;

Pregnant women, lactating women

Pregnant women: perineal scrub;

Lactating women: perineal scrub;

Anti - current function demonstration experiment

Part I: prepare a one-time cup, which put the blue liquid, vaginal irrigator into the colorless liquid, squeeze washing, as shown in Figure 1

Part II: squeeze, observe the bottle whether there is blue liquid inhalation, can be seen from the magnification of the details, not a drop of blue liquid was inhaled, as shown in Figure 2

Part III: the bottle of liquid are all squeezed into a one-time cup, the cup of liquid more, the bottle is also all out, as shown in Figure 3


Conclusion: The color of water is not sucked into the bottle, the water in the rinse in the process of slowly reducing the squeeze process, the liquid color in the bottle did not change, that the irurifier has anti-current function , So you can give users a great sense of security;

Clinical research

Toxicological experiments: according to the provisions of GB15979-2002 and the requirements of the vaginal rinse with Xiankang lotion for acute vaginal mucosal irritation experiments and skin allergy experiments, the results show that Jieyin Run antibacterial lotion without irritation, no Sensitization.

Antibacterial test:



(This product must be cleaned before leaving this product. Note: This product is disinfected before leaving the factory. Before using the product, make sure that the product bag is completely damaged, then it can be used after opening.

1、Unscrew the cap, in accordance with the requirements, take a bag of Xiankang lotion (content of 5 ml), into the container bottle diluted into a bottle of liquid

2、Hold the container bottle, will be anti-backflow irrigation head toggle outward, until the exposed anti-flow irrigation wash the tail of the small hole, hear a click, that anti-backflow irrigation head has been positioned, you can rinse;

3、Hold the bottle, will be anti-backflow irrigation head gently into the vagina, and then shallow handle, let the liquid bursts of pulse out;

4、Push the use of supine position, behind the seat by the rinse posture, anti-flow irrigation head or toward the lower side of the better. Can also be used station, squatting flushing; bottle retained a small amount of rinse liquid can be used to rinse the vulva.

This product is activated, such as re-use should be used before the following disinfection:

First use the mobile water to clean the goods, then use A: 75% disinfection of alcohol on the anti-counterflow irrigation head surface wipe disinfection, and disinfection of the container bottle, if necessary, soak for 10 minutes after the dry stand; or B: Other suitable medical device disinfectant or daily disinfectant, according to its instructions soaked disinfection or wipe disinfection.


*Personal use, not cross-use.

*This product should be abandoned after more than 15 days, for new products.

*Legally approved the production of other vaginal washing agent varieties, the doctor to determine its safe use of the method, can be used under the guidance of a doctor to use this product.

Product advantages

Broad spectrum, strong, long-term anti-bacterial, a variety of resistant strains of significant effect;

No irritation, no fatal, safe and reliable;

Invention patent products: anti-current eight-hole four-way all-round rinse head design, rinse without leaving the dead, reduce the rinse pressure to protect the cervix;

Can be achieved continuous washing, small size, easy to carry, easy to operate.


Place the lotion backwards for contamination

Can be continuous flushing operation

Do not increase the vaginal pressure

Antibacterial plastic easy to clean

One dose of a bag of portable